How to become a member

Ordinary Membership

The ordinary membership of the group shall not exceed 40. Ordinary members will be elected bearing in mind the multi-disciplinary nature of the Group and the desirability of broad European representation. The multi-disciplinary nature of the Group includes internists, obstetricians, pediatricians and basic scientists.

Persons eligible for ordinary membership must be active workers in some aspect of the field of diabetic pregnancy. Election to ordinary membership requires:

  • References from two members
  • Scrutiny of the candidate’s curriculum vitae by the Board
  • Presentation of a paper to the Group by the candidate
  • Confirmation by vote of the members of the Group in which one adverse vote in four will bar membership at that time

An ordinary member may invite one guest only to a scientific meeting.

An ordinary member has full voting rights at the business meeting of the Group.

Failure of an ordinary member to attend three consecutive annual scientific meetings will result in automatic lapse of membership.


Associate Membership

Up to 25 Associate Members may be accepted by nomination to participate in the Group. Associate Members will typically be younger scientists, and are appointed for a three-year term, potentially renewable. Associate Members may attend the business meetings of the Group, but do not vote.

Application for Associate Membership must be made in writing to the Chairperson of the DPSG, accompanied by a short CV.

All submissions should be addressed to the Chairman of DPSG and sent to the 

Membership fee

Ordinary member – €150

Associate member – €80

Honorary/International member – €100

For transfer of membership fee, you shall use paypal. Login to you paypal account and click on the following link:

Paypal for transfer of membership fee

Registration for the meeting involves paying the membership fee at the same time if not already payed!

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