Immediately in advance of the 2019 DPSG meeting, a consensus panel met to finalize a Core Outcome Set (COS) for studies of gestational diabetes prevention and treatment.

 A COS is an agreed minimum set of outcomes and is a recommendation of ‘what’ should be measured and reported in all trials in a specific area.  In 2014, recognising that variation in outcome collection and reporting is a serious hindrance to progress in the speciality of women’s and new-born health, over 80 journals came together to endorse the Core Outcomes in Women’s and New-born Health (CROWN) initiative and develop this field.  Over the past four years a core group of DPSG members have been working in collaboration with the wider DPSG group and researchers, clinicians and patients worldwide to develop COS in the area of diabetes in pregnancy.  This has resulted in the publication of a COS for studies evaluating the effectiveness of pre-pregnancy care for women with pre-gestational diabetes (Egan et al. Diabetologia 2017) and a COS for follow-up at 1 year and beyond of women with gestational diabetes requiring pharmacological treatment (Bogdanet et al. Diabetologia, 2019).

Most recently, work has focused on developing a COS for gestational diabetes prevention and treatment. A systematic review identified previously reported outcomes and over 170 stakeholders participated in a three round e-DELPHI survey to prioritize these outcomes. The consensus panel, which met in Graz, included an international group of individuals including patient representatives, DPSG members and additional clinicians and researchers. Following a detailed discussion and voting process, agreement was reached on a list of core outcomes relevant to studies of gestational diabetes prevention and treatment.

The COS GDM study group would like to thank all those who participated and we encourage academics to refer to this COS which we expect to be published soon. Our next piece of work will be to develop a COS for studies of pre-gestational diabetes treatment and we welcome participation from any interested DPSG members.

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