Nominations are accepted for the Pedersen Lecture and will be chosen at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


In 1946 Jørgen Pedersen, professor in internal medicine in Copenhagen, opened the Copenhagen Center for Pregnant Women with Diabetes. He was among the first - if not the first - to start seriously looking into the fields of diabetes and pregnancy in a scientific, as well as a clinical, way. His mantra was centralization and team work in an attempt to improve the outcome of pregnancy in the relatively few women with diabetes and pregnancy. In 1967 he published a book, "The Pregnant Diabetic and her Newborn - Problems and Management", which came in a second edition in the 1970'ies. This book has for many clinicians and researchers within the field served as the "bible" or main textbook.

Among other things he formulated a hypothesis concerning how maternal hyperglycemia affects the fetus - the so-called "Pedersen Hypothesis", which still is relevant. At every meeting on diabetes and pregnancy, wherever it is in the world, at least one speaker will show a slide with this hypothesis.

 In recognition of Dr. Pedersen's contributions, each year since 1980, the Board of the DPSG elects an individual to deliver the prestigious "Jørgen Pedersen Lecture" at the annual meeting.

The Jørgen Pedersen Lecture has been delivered by

2019 David McIntyre
2018 David Hill
2017 Parri Wentzel
2016 3rd Audit Meeting - Dublin
2015 Elisabeth Mathiesen
2014 Sylvie Hauguel-de Mouzon
2013 Moshe Hod
2012 Rosa Corcoy
2011 Patrick Catalano
2010 Peter Damm
2009 Kari Teramo
2008 Gernot Desoye
2007 Lois Jovanovic
2006 - None (Audit Meeting, Abano, Italy)
2005 Alberto de Leiva
2004 Leona Aerts
2003 Emilio Herrera
2002 Andre Van Assche
2001 Ulf Eriksson
2000 Eleazar Shafrir
1999 Joseph Hoet - who died shortly before the DPSG meeting, short memorial speach of Joseph Hoet given by Lars Mølsted-Pedersen
1998 J.P. Lecture, IADPSG meeting, Cairns, Australia
1997 David Hadden
1996 J.P. Lecture, Audit Meeting, Copenhagen
1995 Boyd Metzger
1994 Claus Kühl
1993 Tom Lind
1992 Bengt Persson
1991 Jack Kitzmiller
1990 Henning Beck-Nielsen
1989 Jessie Roth
1988 Jørn Nerup
1987 David Pyke
1986 Frederic Battaglia
1985 Willy Gepts
1984 Norbert Freinkel
1983 Robert Schwartz
1982 John Stowers
1981 Lars Mølsted-Pedersen
1980 Claes Hellerstrøm

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