At the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) meeting in Stockholm, Sweden in 1967 and at The European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) meeting in Louvain, Belgium 1968 the late Professor Joseph Hoet (Louvain, Belgium), the late Professor Jørgen Pedersen (Copenhagen, Denmark) and the late Professor John Stowers (Aberdeen, UK) planned to form a European study group on diabetes in pregnancy.

The first meeting in this group took place on September 15th 1969 at the EASD meeting in Montpellier, France. Twenty-four individuals from nine European countries representing the disciplines of obstetrics, diabetology, pediatrics, pathology and basic scientists participated in the meeting, and all expressed a genuine interest in the further development of such a study group.

The next meeting of this group was held in Denmark in June 1970. The meeting lasted 2 days. Rules for future meetings and constitution for the group were laid down. The next meeting was in Oxford, UK September 1971. The name decided upon was The Diabetic Pregnancy Study Group (DPSG), and the purpose of the group was: ""To further improve in the treatment of pregnant diabetics and their offspring based upon investigations of the many problems involved. The group is affiliated officially to the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). The organisation of the group was placed in the hands of a board with 3 members and a total number of regular members increased to thirty.

Subsequently, yearly meetings were arranged at different locations in Europe with the participation of 70-80 active scientists from different areas of diabetic pregnancy. Over the years there has been general agreement that the group should continue to be small with only approximately thirty regular members, each of whom may invite a guest. In addition the board and the local organisers may invite a limited number of guests to present a session, chair a session, or contribute to the discussions. The board also elects and invites one individual to deliver the Jørgen Pedersen Lecture at each DPSG meeting.

Minor changes in the constitution took place in 1980, and from 1980 honorary members could be elected. 25 years anniversary of the group was celebrated in Halkidiki, Greece in 1993.

At the requests of the Postgraduate Subcommittee of the EASD, the DPSG has organised symposia or workshops on diabetes and pregnancy in six EASD meetings, and, especially since 1990, several smaller educational symposia have been arranged in Eastern European countries by the members of the DPSG.

In 1998 the first International meeting of Diabetic Pregnancy Study Groups from Australia, Japan, West Coast USA, North America USA and the DPSG of the EASD was held in Cairns, Australia, and in year 2000 the International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Groups was founded. A second meeting took place in Barcelona 2003.

At the moment the DPSG has 40 ordinary members and 24 honorary/international members. The 39th regular meeting, held in Ibiza, Spain in 2007, had 112 active participants. In 2006 an audit meeting for members and international / honorary members was arranged in Abano, Italy with the purpose to review what DPSG had achieved, to make a status within the field and to point out where to go in the future. A report from the meeting will be published.

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